Mangaldai Commerce College
Vision and Culture

Graduation is a significant stage when career decisions are Willy-nilly wished of you like it or not. There is lot more to do than the conventional options with a B.Com. Degree to backup your career plans. Here is how to reach out for more about the commerce Education. Mangaldai Commerce College aims at heralding a new society based on the vision popularsing Commerce Education among the people of the Darrang District.

Continuing its functioning since its inception way back in 1982 in the heart of the town. Striving for excellence should be our way of life. The mission "Prepare the young for the future" is an unfinished task of ours. We will accomplish and handover a much brighter future to the generations offuture. We would like to end with the vision reflected in the poem and its revelant in the present contexts.


You must go to college if you do so,

You will know many things.

You will industrious if you get education.

You would enjoy happiness and prestige.

Brothers! Please respect the new temples of learning.

And go to college with joy and enthusiasm.

So, let us re- build our college as temples of learning. Mangaldai Commerce College invites you to join the march towards a knew Commerce consciousness.

Mangaldai Commerce College